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More about me

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My name is Benson Fox, 26, Orthodox Jew, and I’m an experienced and certified transformation coach and crisis counselor. I'm a major in psychology from Touro College and currently a doctoral student in Psychology at Adelphi University and therapist extern at Brooklyn College. 


I help Jewish men looking to gain balance, efficiency, and joy in their personal and professional lives. I love skiing and I'm awesome at chess (won my chess tournament in fourth grade!). I'm super into witty humor, my friends, psycholgy (duh!), Philosophy, lamdus, Hashkafa, Mussar, playfulness, and politics.


I do weight training a few times a week and try to go on daily walks but don't always get around to the walks if it's one of those days.  I'd love to get to know you and see if I can help you in any way. If you are on board tap BOOK HERE to schedule a free video consultation at your convenience.


  • Touro College: Major In Psychology: September 2017 - June 2019

  • Adelphi University: Doctoral Student in Psychology: September 2019 - Present

  • Brooklyn College: Therapist Extern: September 2020 - Present


  • Certified Transformation Coach: Successfully completed a 60-hour course accredited by the International Coach Federation: June 2018 - September 2018

  • ANCHOR Mentoring: Tutored and mentored high school students to promote better grades, confidence, and social abilities, while maintaining professional working relationships with staff members and parents: November 2017 - November 2018

  • Texting Crisis Hotline: As a Certified Crisis Counselor provided 200+ hours of counseling services to 400+ clients after completing 34 hours of online training for crisis texting communication. August 2017 - Present


  • Youth Director: Organized events and further developed fruitful relationships: September 2016 - January 2020

  • ABA ParaProfessional: Implements Behavioral Intervention Plans for children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder:  October 2018 - October 2019

  • Regesh: Crisis Counselor and provides monthly training presentations: November 2018 - Present

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