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  • Psychology Doctoral Candidate (in final year)

  • Currently, working at James A. Dever Elementary School as a School Psychology Intern

  • 6+ years of experience practicing as a Certified Transformation Life Coach, Crisis Counselor, Psychotherapist Extern, and School Psychology Intern.

  • BA Major in Psychology from Touro College 

  • I help Jewish men looking to gain balance, confidence, and joy in their personal and professional lives.

  • I'd love to get to know YOU and see if I can help you in any way. If you are on board tap BOOK HERE to schedule a free video consultation at your convenience.


About Fox Coaching

Why Choose Fox Coaching?
  • Education, Training, and Experience as a Transformation Coach and Future Psychotherapist -Benson is in the process of receiving a Psychology Doctorate, on top of a BA in Psychology, certifications as a transformation coach and crisis counselor, and years of diverse experiences in psychology-related fields as an ABA paraprofessional, crisis counselor, etc. 

  • Proven Results - we offer written and videos testimonials from real clients on the TESTIMONIALS page (located in the main menu above), in addition to the opportunity to speak with current and former clients upon request.

  • Our Approach: Letting In vs. Letting Go - At Fox Coaching we look to create deep healing and joy by focusing on empowering each client to identify, accept, respect, and integrate every part of themselves. We help you see all of your negative emotions such as anger, sadness, self-hate, hopelessness, and envy as your friends and allies just as much as your positive emotions are to you since their advice is useful in the right dose and context. Our clients learn to let in their negative parts without getting overwhelmed and not let go of any part of themselves.

  • Integration of Psychology, Coaching, and Judaism - We synthesize and incorporate our secular psychology and coaching education with our Jewish sensitivities, values, and perspectives. We are informed by an extensive Yeshiva background including a BTL and studying four years in Israel in Yeshivas Toras Moshe and the Mir.

  • Transformation-Focused – At Fox Coaching, we are results-driven and create a plan that reverse engineers your result and is complete with timeframes and clear metrics of success. Working within this structure incentivizes us to deliver and commit to an end result and timeframe which we can be held accountable to. Conversely, working by the hour, which incentivizes coaches and therapists to drag out the process unconsciously.

What does working together with Fox Coaching look like practically?

Step 1:

We schedule a FREE video consultation call to determine how Fox Coaching can best help you. During the call, we will clarify your goal and creating clear metrics for your definition of success that allows for dual accountability. We also decide how long it will take to deliver your result, make a full dual commitment to the timeframe, the process, and to your goal.

Step 2:

Our confidence in getting you to your result is informed by the results we have delivered to our clients already (see main menu above for our testimonial page) combined with our unique, holistic, and comprehensive support package. Our process of collaboratively achieving your definition of success involves:

  • One on one once a week video session.

  • Group video session once a week (5-10 members).

  • Exclusive access to the Fox Coaching Transformation Academy Course that offers a broad range of tools, perspectives, and techniques to facilitate functionality and healing that you can watch at you own pace. We reinforce the content through a short quiz for every video module (Tap the orange button in the upper right corner for a free preview of Fox Coaching’s Transformation Academy).

  • Daily texting accountability ensures you are staying on track with our agreed upon daily action items.

  • Weekly original articles that are relevant to your result (Tap CONTENT in the main menu to see our articles featured on this site).

  • Exclusive access to a WhatsApp group where members support and facilitate each other on their unique journeys.

Step 3:

Act NOW and commit to your dreams, goals, and results by booking your FREE video consultation to see if we can help in any way by tapping the BOOK HERE button below:



Welcome To the Dare to dream 3-Day Challenge

November 8-10 

-Craft your daring, personalized dream space through guided exercises and original insights and perspectives
-Learn what gets in the way of having dreams and loving them
-Discover what possibilities and opportunities are available to you without lifting a finger

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daY 3

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